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What it is

Bullseye is a celebration of the best of arts and culture in public radio form. Host Jesse Thorn sifts the wheat from the chaff to bring public radio listeners in depth interviews with the most revered and revolutionary minds in our culture. Recent guests range from Sarah Jessica Parker to A$AP Ferg, Werner Herzog to Carol Kane and John Waters to Jane Lynch. It’s the next generation’s Fresh Air.

The show, the guests, and Jesse Thorn’s hosting style are contemporary, passionate, engaged, personal and honest. The conversations on Bullseye make listeners think, question, explore and laugh. Jesse creates a personal connection with his guests and his audience. It connects with current public radio audiences and reaches out beyond to the next generation of listeners. Bullseye is a deft mix of the scholarly and the passionate.

What Bullseye can do for your audience

Bullseye helps stations reach out to the younger, more diverse listeners. Not only has Bullseye captured the interest of that millennial audience, it still appeals to the core public radio audience. Bullseye is the first public radio program hosted by a millennial and produced by millennials.

Bullseye helps listeners to stay plugged in to the culture map and helps those looking for a signpost of what is important and relevant in arts and culture right now.

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A$AP Ferg & Dr. Katz

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon & Terrace Martin

Who is Jesse Thorn?

Jesse Thorn hosts Bullseye and is the founder of Maximum Fun, one of the world's first podcasting companies. Jesse also co-hosts the podcasts Jordan, Jesse, Go! and Judge John Hodgman.

Bullseye began as The Sound of Young America in 2000, while Thorn was a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz. In 2007, the show began to be distributed by Public Radio International, making Jesse the youngest national host in public radio history. In 2012, the show became Bullseye and was subsequently distributed by NPR.

In addition to his work at MaximumFun.org, he hosts and helps produce Put This On, a video series and blog about men's style. He also hosted The Grid, a culture recommendation program on IFC.

A native of San Francisco's Mission District, Jesse lives in Los Angeles with his wife, three kids, and two dogs.

Where Bullseye is now

Iowa Public Radio

The Buzz on Bullseye

Bullseye and host Jesse Thorn have been featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times, GQ, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

What the critics are saying:

“Bullseye is both intellectually ambitious and a hell of a lot of fun. Jesse Thorn’s enthusiasm for his guests, their ideas and performances and for the community of public radio is deep, genuine and utterly sincere. He makes sure that I learn something every week, and meet someone interesting I should know about. He’s a human Recommendation Engine who never runs out of gas.”


“The kind of show people listen to in a more perfect world.”


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